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10 – Nutrition

What you eat is critical in many ways. You spend hours every week deciding what to eat, so what you decide on will be where you get the energy to power your mind and body.

Here is a quick and easy guide to general nutrition.

  • No sodas or sugary drinks: Only drink water, tea, coffee or natural juice (made by yourself, most sold have as much sugar as soda).
  • Don’t add extra sugar or salt to foods: This includes to your coffee, tea, rice, salads, etc. Learn to enjoy them as they come. Spices are usually good for you.
  • Carbohydrates = sugar: Avoid bread, pasta, cake, etc, outside of main meals.
  • Only toasted or baked, never fried: Avoid also processed foods like mayonnaise, cream, and marmalade. Use only olive oil, never the “normal” kind.
  • “Light” food is not good: If you have to go the “light” route, you shouldn’t be eating that particular food in the first place.
  • No eating after 10pm: Drink only water and, if you must eat, avoid sugar and fat.
  • Tea is a great food replacement: Already ate but feel like binge eating? Drink tea, it’ll keep you busy.
  • Avoid sugar peaks (e.g., ice cream, cookies, chocolate): Keep it to every other day in small quantities.
  • Saturated and trans fats: Check labels when buying products, ideally both should be zero.
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