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14 – Showers

Specifically, we’ll talk about cold showers.

Now, everyone loves showering with hot water: They relax your body, calm you down, ‘reset’ you after a long day, and even act as a replacement for emotional warmth after a bad experience.

However, cold showers (not freezing – though you can use freezing water if you want to) affect your body in a different way:

  • Better blood circulation and lung capacity.
  • Release of beneficial hormones into your bloodstream.
  • Strengthening of your immune system.
  • Overall feeling of regained energy and refreshment.
  • Higher resilience to cold weather.

Fun fact: In Stockholm, Sweden (where temperatures drop as low as negative 5 degrees Celsius or 23 Fahrenheit), mothers leave their babies to sleep outside during the winter in order for them to grow healthier. As it turns out, it works. Kids seem healthier and cry less, even when there are lots of diseases going around.

And hey, if you need extra motivation to try this out, just think of the money you’ll save!

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  1. Married Married

    Coping mechanism.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    I would appreciate sources on all of this. The Swedish babies being left outside thing is especially hard to believe.

    • MLK MLK

      Ancient India was worse than modern-day Swedes, they used to make their kids live with cows to develop their immune system. If this ever got out to /pol….. hehe the meme potential

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