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18 – Lucid Dreams

Dreams are wonderful. It is doubtful anyone who has experienced a sweet dream would say that they would prefer to have a dreamless night.

Fly far above the clouds, find the perfect girl, be the hero of the city, travel to Mars – anything is possible when asleep. And so, it’s not strange to find that lucid dreaming is quite popular with those who have heard about it.

Lucid dreaming happens in those occasions where one is conscious of being in a dream, and thus is able to manipulate it in any way or form. No need to let your mind choose the plot, you can set the course yourself.

For some lucid dreaming comes naturally, for some it comes with practice. I’m sadly not too versed here to offer much advice, as this also intersects the area of OBE (out of body experiences), and there’s too much material to cover for an article intended to barely touch the topic.

What I can suggest as a small tweak to your routine is that the first thing you do when you wake up is to write down on a notebook / laptop whatever you remember from your dreams, if anything. Do it every single day. Write down as much detail as possible, no matter if you don’t intend to ever read the notes again. This will help train your mind and make you start remembering your dreams with more fidelity, as we generally forget all about them after the first five minutes of waking up.

Eventually, your brain will let you be conscious while on REM sleep (when you dream), letting you lucid dream.

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