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19 – Notes

Perhaps something you’ll want to start doing very early on is to start your own notes.

These notes have a double purpose: First, they allow you to keep track of the objectives in your life, both short term and long term, and how far you have progressed in each of them. Second, it lets you write down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas as you get them.

Let’s talk objectives: When you read each of these articles, you might or might not decide to give each idea a try. Cold showers, different diet, new hobbies – it’s all great, but most people will try these things once or twice and then stop. By writing down what your short term, medium term, and long term objectives in your life are, you’re assured to keep yourself in check and keep motivation flowing. You’ll know that today your aim is to do, say, three of these things, and so when you go to bed at night you’ll be able to tick them off as done and pat yourself in the back. You’ll see progress and keep yourself motivated.

Then you have free writing: During each day you get ideas, thoughts, and emotions that you generally brush off after a few minutes, or move on and forget about. These things are important, and in a week, month, or year, when you look back and read your entries for the day detailing these things, you’ll see what your thought process was at the moment and how far you’ve gotten since. You’ll read about your struggle to cut sugar from your diet, and see how now you effortlessly drink water every meal. How you used to do 4 minutes of exercise and feel exhausted, and how you now do 7 every day. Your pain and effort won’t be lost, and it will have been worth it.

Thus, keep a small notebook (one that fits in your hand, no bigger), and carry it with you everywhere. A cellphone is not the same, but it works. Whenever you feel like writing, write. If you don’t want to, write down exactly that in a line. Force yourself to make it a habit, and you’ll see that you’ll grow to enjoy it. Say whatever you want to say, vent if you want, complain, reward yourself.

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