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2 – Animal Companions

Humans are social creatures. Because of this, it is very hard to achieve happiness without interaction with living beings. Unless you are a monk and live in deep meditation, which you likely aren’t.

It doesn’t matter if you currently have a romantic partner or not, or if you have a good relationship with family and friends. A pet is very different from a human being. They help release stress, relax, and give you unconditional love at any time of day, no matter the circumstances.

For most people growing up in our community, loneliness and lack of love are a major problem. Relationships can be a big hassle, especially if your life is already looking not great. Having to deal with a partner’s issues, immaturity (both theirs and your own), and fights between you two can rapidly make you feel worse than before.

Pets are the perfect catalysts for interaction. Cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits – decide how much responsibility and what kind of personality you are looking for when deciding type and race, and enjoy having someone who relies 100% on you as a friend on demand. While this means you have the responsibility of feeding and taking care of their waste, they won’t ever disagree with you, be picky, be unfair, betray you, or leave you. They’ll love you to death for who you are without caring for race, age, appearance, or ideology.

If you’re depressed, sad, feel like crying, or even feel suicidal, go and seek comfort with your pet. It won’t fix the issue, but you will feel better.

Side note: While adopting is always better (you give a chance to an abandoned poor soul), you will have less issues getting a young kitten or puppy, as they’ll bond with you easily and won’t have trust issues. If you’re in doubt, you can visit an adoption center without compromise if you are doubtful about making a choice.

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  1. FrothySolutions FrothySolutions

    I had several cats as a boy. What’s great about cats is not only are they companions, but they earn their keep bringing in birds, mice, and rabbits. That’s good eatin’.

    • Aleph Aleph

      True, but careful they don’t choke on bird bones!

      • FrothySolutions FrothySolutions

        No, good eatin’ for me! I wouldn’t let a cat eat that stuff!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    brutal dogpill

  3. Thanks, it is quite informative

  4. Thanks, it’s very informative

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Fuaark, dogs me.

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