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20 – Motivation

The Whitepill aims to be approachable. It takes important lessons from life and showcases them in their simplest form.

But even such small requests can be too much for some. It’s not that the requests are unreasonable or those trying them out are lazy, but rather their reserves of motivation and willpower are used elsewhere. Perhaps you already are exhausted after a long day of work, or barely have any energy after a few hours of strenous study. In that case, you just wanna get over the routine and go relax, watch TV, take a nap.

But without new experiences there is no change, so we have to replenish or maintain those reserves. Here are a couple ideas to do so:

  • Look forward to events: Keeping routine is okay, but you have to look forward to things in your future to keep your mood up. For example, it may be Tuesday, but this Friday you’re going bowling with friends, and you can’t wait! Keep rewards always around the corner, no matter how small. Going to the cinema, visiting a friend, going to the beach. These things keep excitement in the air and break the routine of the day.
  • Find excitement in experiences: The first time I tried fasting I had no idea what would happen to me. Would I be shaking after a day without food? Would I be pleading for food? The thought made me nervous, certainly, but it was also somewhat fun, and kept me on my toes looking forward to what would hapen next.
  • Make days memorable: The reason older people have worse memory in general is not that their brain is slowing down (though for many it does as well), but rather that days blend and become monotonous. When you experience eating breakfast for 50 years straight, there is little reason for your brain to keep the memory of today’s. When you’re a kid though, the memory stays, because the experience is different still every time. With this analogy, make every day different in order to have more memories and enjoy your days more. Take different routes to school, walk instead of using a bike, drink tea instead of coffee, drink soup in the morning instead of cereal – weird, but why not? Again, this will give you more energy every day as you don’t stay within one routine.
  • Reward yourself: You won’t find yourself keeping to a schedule or experience if you aren’t getting anything out of it short term.. Long term rewards (e.g. a longer lifespan by doing exercise) are too separated from the present to influence you to keep doing things today. So, give yourself a treat when you do something new. Order food instead of cooking, watch a movie at the cinema instead of at home, eat some candy after finishing a book. Be creative.

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