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21 – Astral Projection

While very much related to lucid dreaming, astral projection is a separate activity involving out-of-body experiences, where what is known as the “astral body” separates from the physical body.

When out of the physical body, one is able to fly, pass through walls, teleport, interact with other beings in the astral plane, explore the universe, and more. However, these abilities take time to learn, and are certainly seen with skepticism by most people not familiar with astral projection.

Regardless of whether you believe in it or not, there is nothing to lose in trying out some exercises. At worse, you’ll indirectly help yourself learn to focus, relax, and meditate, and you’ll learn about a new topic. At best, you’ll get to literally escape your body. If you hate your life, there’s no better escapism.

While I can’t say I personally have managed to do astral projection, I’ve met enough reputable people who have, and whose stories and details of the experience support the idea of the astral body being quite real, or at least of the experience feeling real.

The easiest way to learn about the topic is to read Journeys out of the Body, by Robert Monroe. It touches the topic from scratch, and is a great introduction to what this is all about. You can find the book on if you are unable to purchase it for whatever reason.

The easiest way to try astral projection yourself is to listen to the “Gateway Experience”, an audio guide on how to astral project, recorded by Monroe himself. The guide consists of a variety of ~30 minute tracks where you relax and follow a set of commands in your head. You can find the full tracks on torrent sites or reddit easily, if you are unable to purchase them.

At the end of the day, even if you think all of this is trash and not worth your time, I insist you at the very least try the first 30 minute “Introduction” track of the Gateway Experience. Surely spending half an hour to put a topic that has been the interest of humans for thousands of years to rest is a worthy investment.

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  1. MLK MLK

    Quelle surprise. Something that I was always interested in but extremely fearful of.
    I’ll look into that book reccomendation, if you ever update this blog again, I would love to hear your thoughts in 2020 on this topic.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Good article. I definitely love this site. Continue the good work!

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