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22 – Education

Learning is perhaps one of the true core teachings of the Whitepill. It is a necessity if one is to stay healthy, active, and content.

However, there are two mistakes made by most people regarding education:

First, that education equals going to highschool / college / any type of educational institution. These places certainly offer knowledge, but it is very particular to the type of career or path that you pick, and as many know, they are usually more interested in your grades than how much you actually learn; not to mention that they tend to be stressful places where one must force oneself to memorize things instead of understanding them.

Second, that education is limited to young people, before they manage to get a diploma or stable job. This belief stems from the idea that people study to get a job, and that there is no purpose beyond that. This idea is flawed and should be cast aside.

What’s the use of studying then? If we leave aside the obvious fact we will be more knoweldgeable, we could mention the health benefits for our brain, the preventive measures to stop Alzheimers and other diseases from taking over, and the overall general knowledge we will have to respond to everyday queries in social situations or work/educational environments.

Educating oneself is for all people of every age, and there is no need to go to a university to do so. Simply picking a topic of interested and diving into it is enough to start our curiosity and let ourselves enjoy the process; not everything we learn needs to have a practical use. For example, have you ever been curious about what happened at the Dyatlov Pass Incident? Was it perhaps infrasound that tore their insides out? What is infrasound and how does it work? Don’t let yourself be satisfied by some one liner on reddit: Find out about things yourself. Be critical. Learn.

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  1. MLK MLK

    What a satisfying read. One can be the most well-educated rich person in the city but I’d argue a farmer in South India with 8th grade education growing his tea crops in harmony in nature and the environment and dharmic evergreen, has a much richer and wealthier education than the urban city goer.

  2. HTW HTW

    Great post. For me, I’ve always valued education, intelligence, and knowledge. Maybe it’s partially do to my upbringing. What you said really resonated with me, and there is some information that I think I could add too.

    I believe one of the important factors of educating yourself is having the right motivation and curiosity. I do not know why, but some people are more motivated and curious about learning. The reason this is important, is because no matter how simple a topic is you can always learn more about it in depth. This relates to what you said “Don’t let yourself be satisfied by some one liner on reddit: Find out about things yourself. Be critical. Learn.” This curioisity and motivation is what makes people explore information, such as if someone wants to learn about the Gallic Wars. It would push them to first read online, then look for books written by experienced and respected historians, eventually they will read a translation of Caesar’s own journals on the matter.

    Also we shouldn’t ignore the role the current education system plays in this. I am grateful for the education I was able to get, and continue to get. But still, many people do not benefit from the current education system. I do not know what is the best way to improve the current education system, but I do know that many people grow up with the perception of education mentioned in this post because of it. It’s even more complicated because of how it interacts with the economy, and people’s quality of life.

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