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3 – Hobbies

Free time is a killer for those with low willpower or depression, as it allows you to lose sight of your objectives, fester negative emotions and thoughts, and reinforce a loop of laziness and procrastination.

One should always look for activities to fill in those gaps of free time, as it will not only keep negativity away, but also help form a lifestyle of activity and make you more productive and better at what you do.

Some examples:

  • Riding the bus: Instead of looking out the window or browsing social media, read a book or explore new music.
  • Taking the elevator up to your apartment: Run up the stairs instead, you’ll gain endurance and get your daily dose of exercise.
  • Watching TV: If you insist on watching shows, be sure to pick those that give you moral or social commentary, don’t watch shows for the sake of watching.

Some hobbies to pick up: cooking, fishing, painting (try looking up Bob Ross), writing, programming, playing guitar, playing poker, woodworking, investing (crypto included), blogging, “looksmaxing”, jogging – even small things like learning to solve a sudoku or Rubik cube will give you small insight into how our world works.

Remember, the idea is not to make you into a machine, on the contrary; the idea is for you to enjoy life to the fullest and not let your mind wander into bad thoughts. The more you do, the more you’ll look back and smile at how far you’ve gotten. The skills you pick up will help you later in life too by standing out and impressing friends, associates, or romantic interests.

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