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4 – Light

There are a couple of reasons why getting enough light during the day is important.

One is that a lack of vitamin D can increase risk of depression by up to 75%, and the way one gets vitamin D is primarily from sunshine (if you don’t, you’ll need supplements). Light deprivation also increases risk of mental illness.

Your circadian rhythm also depends upon the amount of light entering your eye throughout the day. This rhythm controls a lot of your bodily functions, and not getting enough light can make you feel disoriented, have poor sleep, and a variety of other problems.

So what can you do?

  • Activities: Go for a walk, go to the beach, use your balcony or garden (if you have one) to read or listen to music.
  • Artificial lighting: Try to use potent light bulbs around your home. You won’t get the vitamin D, but it will help your body self-regulate.
  • Natural lighting: Try to position your desk, sofas, and chairs in a way that they are close to windows or under skylights; the more natural light the better.
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