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6 – Plants

Happiness sometimes is found in the little things, and plants are one of those things.

How many do you have in your home or workspace? Besides making your environment more cheerful, they:

  • Purify the air around them.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Improve mood and sense of well being.
  • Give feelings of calmness and optimism.
  • Reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.

Plants placed around your workspace also increase your performance up to 20%, and studies show workers in rooms with plants and flowers generate 13% more ideas than when in rooms with none.

Where should you place them? The ideal location is wherever you stay the most time, making sure the plants are as visible as possible. If you have just one or two put them on your desk or next to a sofa, somewhere you are able to touch or caress their leaves.

If you’re going to buy one remember that regardless of the type plants need to be watered and have sunlight reach them to some degree – be sure to ask for care instructions before purchasing. Also, fun fact: Plants exposed to human speech grow faster and healthier.

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