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8 – Friends

This entry is tied to 2- Pets, as it’s known humans are social animals and need interaction. But pets can’t hold actual conversations, and family doesn’t have the level of intimate communication you might have with a friend.

Thus, a true, honest friend is worth a lot. Many people say they have dozens of friends, perhaps more. These people are wrong in the sense that these number of friends are usually far less close than they believe. They certainly may be close acquaintances that talk to each other, tell each other some secrets and share good memories, but it is the amount of time and effort invested in a person which gives it the name of friend. The level of friendship is proportional to the time invested.

Therefore, one should aim to have a few good, but close friends. Most people would be lucky to have perhaps two or three of such a magnitude in their lifetime; most can claim to have either one or none.

My intention is not to gatekeep and say your friends are false or not worth it, but the reality is that most people probably don’t know as much about them as they think. Most are simply coworkers, people they chat or hang out with at times, or school friends.

Then you have those people who call you friend but try to use you. These people have selfish motives to be close to you, and should be cut from your life due to their toxic nature.

But what if you have no friends? Well, then you probably feel lonely. Having someone to vent your innermost conflicts, share close experiences with, and be able to rely on is core to being human being – yet not all of us have that luxury.

It is not easy to make friends. Most of the time these connections just happen, may it be while at school, work, or simply enjoying hobbies. The internet is a great place to find friends too, but they usually won’t be close physically, and online is not exactly the same as in person.

While it’s not assured you can get one, the more sociable and extroverted you act the more you’ll chance upon finding a person who clicks with you and becomes close. Sadly, this means introverted and shy people will have a hard time here, but try. At least you’ll know you didn’t give up before starting.


  • Think whether those you call friends really are friends or perhaps something less, depending on the investment you and him put on each other.
  • Cherish your real friends and keep them close. They are valuable.
  • Always be open to new opportunities to make friends, you never know when you’ll find one.
  • Cut ties with those people who call themselves your friend but only use you for their own benefit.
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    its hard to break into social circles as a average to below average guy. Women feel threatened by you. Guys see you as a competition or threat. People are reluctant to close off their social circles, when a low value man tries breaking into it. It also becomes harder to make friends as you get older, one of the perks of the age pill

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