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What is the whitepill? 
It is a system meant to help a person reach self-actualization. The aim while following it is to be able to live a life of contentment, if not of outright happiness. It works as a guide, especially for those suffering in our society who feel their lives are empty and lacking meaning or purpose.
This is a “pill” due to the fact that these ideas can be “swallowed”, changing one’s perspective. For a thorough explanation read this.

Is the whitepill only for those depressed or lacking purpose?
There are already many refined systems or philosophies out there to lead a “good” life (e.g., Buddhism, Stoicism, Taoism, Epicureanism , etc), but they all tend to require heavy changes in lifestyle for a person to adopt them, especially for the average person living in the 21st century. We live in a society where depression is skyrocketing, suicides increase every year, and the ridiculously rich keep the masses subjugated and living in misery; it is not easy to find the willpower to build a new lifestyle from scratch. Therefore, the whitepill attempts to be pragmatic instead of idealistic, giving small and simple exercises to achieve joy in our daily life.

Why white specifically?
White is created in additive color theory by mixing the primary colors (red, green and blue), thus white is metaphorically the unification of information from other “pill” systems, like the redpill, bluepill, blackpill, etc. White is also associated with hope and positivity, even though the whitepill is very much down to earth. The name isn’t important at the end of the day.

Will it help me be happier?
Happiness is made up of many little things. It will in all likelihood improve your quality of life the more you apply it. Whether it makes you happy or not depends on how you define happiness. Try it and make your own mind about it.

How can I reach you?
[email protected]