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The Whitepill

What is the Whitepill?

It is the name I give to a set of ideas developed over the years that aim to achieve happiness in our depressive and oppressive 21st century society. It is an experiment, an amalgamation of ideologies, and a psychological and physical guide for those who feel have no purpose in our world.

Because let’s be frank: You are either happy or you are not.

Some people enjoy life: They have close loved ones, engaging hobbies, love their job and field of study. Then some people are okay with life: They study, but lack motivation, they work, but they wish they didn’t have to, they find life lacks spark.  And then some people don’t enjoy life: They long for loved ones that do not come, have a job they keep only to avoid starving, feel dread at waking up to another day of infernal routine.

The Whitepill is aimed for the last group, although anyone can certainly take away many lessons from here. It is overall a guide made for people to get out of endless depression and despair, and let them start the day feeling joy instead of dread.

Where does the ‘Whitepill’ come from?

The origin of the ‘pills’ comes from the Matrix: Morpheus offers Neo one of two pills, a red, or a blue one. The red would allow Neo to see the reality of the world he lived in, while the blue would take him back to sweet ignorance.

Thus, in the early 2000’s two sociological ideologies appeared: The Bluepill and the Redpill.

The Bluepill is the belief that when it comes to social interactions, true personality and being yourself are key to success.

The Redpill claims the Bluepill is unrealistic, and that instead it is appearance and attitude which maximizes your impact. Dress this way, talk that way, behave this other way.

The Blackpill is an extension of the Redpill, and appeared in the early 2010’s, It is based on the idea that appearance is the far more important consideration in our society, impacting almost every interaction we have.

The Whitepill was created in response to the three pills. Contrary to them, it does not seek to explain our world, but rather use the information already gathered to adapt and apply an efficient strategy to maximize happiness

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I have always thought the white pill to be reaching a state of emptiness or nothingness, a state where you feel pretty numb to pain. But however, it seems that the white pill is taken to maximizes one’s happiness. I feel like this is synonymous with solipsism. If you choose to maximize other people’s happiness, then you will lose out on maximizing your own happiness, in a sense of minimizing your own pleasures (not enabling yourself to cope with hedonism). It is you that comes first and satisfying your own needs matters, before attending to others.

    We cannot find enjoyment in all things. We should also remind ourselves that happiness cannot ever be endless. We float about different waves, oscillations, and fluctuations of emotions, because thats what makes us humans.

  2. jabar jabar

    I’ve experienced virtually no pleasure in life.

  3. Arkantos Arkantos

    Are you planning on making more posts on this blog? They have all been High IQ and I think a lot of us would like to see more of them. I would at least.

    • Aleph Aleph

      Sadly, I don’t find myself with the time anymore to update it, but I’m happy with the resulting pages, they cover most of the basics when trying to “reforge” one’s life. Good luck out there!

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